Gary Brown is a photographer based in the north west of England with a keen passion for social documentary photography and portraiture. He is fascinated by the differences in individual personalities and it is because of this he has an invested interest in working with people through portraiture, sport, arts and documentation. This has not stopped him venturing into landscape and and still life photography, but working with people is were Gary discovers his enthusiasm within his photographic practice and were he creates his strongest works.

Keeping a keen interest in analogue techniques and executing some works using them, he also feels the need to explore other avenues of presentation and digital mixed media for the use in the modern environment.

His work explores the individuals that are involved in todays hobbies, occupations and subcultures or the exploration into peoples personal struggles and the journeys to overcome and surpass them. Finding inspiration from working with people and telling the story that each individual retains, Gary attempts to create photo-stories and documentations exhibiting the significance of each narrative.

Having worked alongside many musicians and artists previously, Gary exhibited a piece based on the Mersey beat scene in Liverpool during the sixties and through to current day. This was exhibited at Warp gallery as part of the Look 15 photographic festival based in Liverpool.

Commercially Gary has ventured into a number of different areas of photography ranging from studio portraiture and wedding photography to photographing live events and writing reviews for the online magazine

Gary is currently working on personal projects like 'Altcar Cardio' based on the occupational life of a game keeper and the people involved, the extravagant dress code and the gentlemen's club atmosphere that is created through shoot day culture, and walking liverpool, a street portraiture project and a look at culture in Liverpool, England.

BA Hons in Digital Imaging and Photography - June 2017


works -


2014 - merseybeats, photostory


2014 - one for the road, photobook


2015 - sk8 southport, photostory


2015 - Mathew, short video documentary


2016 - altcar cardio, photobook (ongoing)


2017 - walk liverpool, photobook (ongoing)




exhibitions -


Merseybeats - look 15 photography festival Liverpool, warp gallery, Liverpool, April 7th - May 14th 2015


Lord street past present and future, Atkinson art gallery, Southport, Jan 23rd - July 10th 2016


walk liverpool - Open Eye Gallery Liverpool, June 23rd -26th 2017




contact details


gary brown


+447830 202345