HK 416

This fully licensed HK416 is made by Umarex and is made to an extremely high quality, absolutely solid with no wobble. With the new version of vfc/Umarex internals, the 416 is chronoing in at 300/350fps (been a while since it was chronoed as I have not been skirmishing) This RIF is being sold as a package ready to use out of the box with all attachments included also with a battery and bag.


  • PEQ box is a working laser/torch combo
  • HOLO CQB Sight
  • 3x Flip to Side Magnifier
  •  MOE Style Front Grip
  • Quick Detachable silencer



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TRMR   E1 X4

Used a handful of times really nice BOOM!


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ACOG Sight 4x with Red Dot and Working Fibre Optic

Amazing sight crisp clear 4x magnification with top mounted red dot and working fibre so no batteries needed, will definitely miss this sight.


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WE Glock 17 GBB

WE G17 with custom slide, two green gas magazines and two c2o magazines (c2o mags not working need re-threading where the cartridge is placed) pistol and other two mags in full working order, comes with blackhawk style holster with belt and molle attachment.


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FAST Tac Helmet with GoPro Mount

FAST Tactical Helmet (Multicam) with GoPro mount and rear battery holder for a spare battery to keep you filming all day. GoPro mounts upside down so you have to flip the video afterwards but gives you the nearest eye level shot available and never needs adjusting.

GoPro not included


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Plate Carrier, Battle Belt and Day Pack

Multicam plate carrier with dummy plates, battle belt and daysack for all the ammo and equipment for a whole day out in the field and enough mag pouches for 7 mags and 5 pistol mags, a radio and two grenade pouches and a mag dump for all those spent magazines.

Included -

  • Two M4/pistol combination TACO Pouches
  • Double 203 grenade pouch
  • 3 molle M4 mag pouches
  • 2 M4 FAST Mag pouches
  • 2 pistol FAST Mag pouches
  • 1 radio pouch
  • 1 Tan pistol pouch
  • 1 mag dump
  • 1 marine rubber knife

Not included -

  • All magazines
  • Radio
  • TRMR
  • Blackhawk holster


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Mid Caps and Speedloader

Mid Caps 85/140 cant remember with super fast speed loader.



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Revision Ballistic Goggles (new)

British Army Revision Goggles unused.


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A selection of goggles

  • TAN - £10
  • Others - £5 each